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 Anaesthesia machine VETNAR 1600  

VETNAR 1600 is compact machine and therefore you will need only small place on your operation room. The machine has supporting gas only O2. All including gas cylinder and vaporizer is placed on small movable trolley. It is also possible to use oxygen concentrator as oxygen source. Advantage of the machine is using of precision vaporizers outside of the breathing circuit. Isoflurane or Sevoflurane can be used. Because of unique system DIF (Direct Inspiration Flow) you can work on semi-closed system already from 2-3 kg of patient weight. Open system works from 0,1 kg of patient weight.

Compact anesthesia machine for small animals from 0,1 to 100 kg
Semi-closed and open breathing system for spontaneous breathing
Open and coaxial breathing circuit
Electronically controlled ventilation for open system
O2 supporting gasses, O2 flow-meter
CO2 absorber
Safety relief valve
O2 bypass valve
Active pollution scavenging system for transport exhaust gasses
Small stable trolley on the wheels with holder for 10 l gas cylinders
Minimal size requirement
Dimension 480 x 490 x 1330 mm

Precision vaporizer outside of breathing circuit
Build-in monitoring of breathing, heart activity, SaO2 and CO2
Economic in consumption of O2 and anesthetic


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