Versatile anaesthesia machine for small animals from 0.1 to 100 kg

Inhalation Anaesthesia Machine VETNAR 2200

The machine VETNAR 2200 produced by our company has a modular design. The basic breathing unit VETNAR 2200 Basic can be completed with additional modules like unit for electronically controlled ventilation and vital function monitor (like ECG, breathing, SpO2 a CO2) as well.

We standardly produce a machine, where supporting gases O2 + N2O or O2 + air are used. Naturally, you can use O2 only. From the viewpoint of saving O2, it is more suitable to use N2O or air as well. It is also possible to use oxygen concentrator as oxygen source. Advantage of the machine is using of precision vaporizers outside of the breathing circuit. Isoflurane or/and Sevoflurane can be used. Because of unique system DIF (Direct Inspiration Flow) you can work on semi-closed system already from 2-3 kg of patient weight. Open system works from 0,1 kg of patient weight. Electronically controlled ventilation is possible to use also for resuscitation of a patient.


Veterinary Vital Function Monitor VETMON 2200

In the operations and directly after operations of small animals it is very good to provide the monitoring of the patient's vital functions both from the standpoint of keeping the operator calm and providing perfect care for the patient.

Build-in monitor can be used during surgery but also of course alone without anesthesia.


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The company Grimed, Ltd. was established in 1999. The subject of our activity is veterinary medical equipment with a focus on diagnostic apparatuses and anaesthesia equipment. All products meet the strictest of clinical requirements. On the basis of individual user's requirements we are able to produce special products as well. In addition to deliveries for inland customers, we supply foreign distributors in the European Community with our products. In our assortment you will find ECG, monitors and anaesthesia apparatuses, operating and other tables, operating lights, instrument trolleys, scales and others. We are able to deliver an entire "key-ready" project. We have high-quality service and moderate prices for professionally done work. Our employees are looking forward to collaboration with you.

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