EKG 2000

Computer ECG for examination of small animals

EKG 2000 - computer ECG

ECG 2000 is a multifunction electrocardiograph module connectable to the computer via USB and controlled by a software in Windows operation system. Installation of hardware and software is very simple. The software provides a possibility for simple intuitive operation. The standard equipment also provides heart action monitoring on a long-term basis, for example during a surgery. In addition, an acoustic signal of the heart action is available. HW design meets the requirement of a classic 12-lead electrocardiograph machine. The basic model includes a 5-core patient’s cable and a software providing scanning of 6 extremity (3 unipolar and 3 bipolar) and 1 chest leads. The extended model available includes a patient’s cable with up to 10 leads and a software for 12 leads. A model including a special patient’s cable and a program for ECG examination of horses is also available.

Other features of the presented electrocardiograph machine include fast and quality printing of various formats, finding included, efficient digital filter to suppress interference from the mains and muscular tremor, QRS complexes averaging, time interval measurement, amplitudes, the heart axis inclination calculation, register containing the files of curves, measure values and findings. Examinations may be retrieved and viewed repeatedly any time, new examinations may be added, compared against each other and print out on regular office paper.

The basis is the software Basic_V, which consists of a file for a well-arranged register of patients and all scanned data including findings. In the file, new patients can be added or old patients easily removed. Searching in the file by name or tattooed number.

Environment - EKG 2000

Curve scanning itself is simple as a result of control by buttons and shortcuts. For measuring of actual ECG curves many available functions can be used. You will get a perfect signal and subsequent analysis of the QRS-complex. You can add your own findings to each measurement.

Resting ECG - EKG 2000

The programme performs detailed analysis of QRS-complexes of particular lead in two ways. It performs an analysis of particular QRS-complexes or analysis of averaged values of QRS-complexes from the whole scanned signal. Individual modification of measured time intervals of the complex is available.

Analysis - EKG 2000
Number of channels Standard model – 6-extremity, extended model up to 6 chest
Lead type Standard model I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, CX; extended V1 to V6 in addition
Number of leads displayed 7 or 4
Number of leads in printout various formats, 7 leads, averaged complexes, measured values
Sensitivity 5, 10, 20, 40 mm/mV
Feed rate 10, 12.5, 25, 50, 100 mm/s
User’s filters mains, muscle-tremble effect, both averaged
Safety class BF (ČSN 36 4800), ČSN EN 60601 (IEC 601)
Insulation voltage 4 kV
Power supply 5 V over computer USB
Dimensions 210 x 112 x 30 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Windows 10 compatible

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